Amblers Boots: Protecting the Feet on the Site, Field or Street!

Tiger Safety is an extremely proud supplier of safety footwear, workwear and related accessories from some of the world's leading manufacturers, from Dr Martens, JCB and Caterpillar to StormWells, Rock Fall and Delta Plus. 

We have made a conscious decision to only stock products from brands that have an impeccable reputation for safety and quality in order to ensure that our own customers can purchase from us with complete confidence. Among this carefully-selected group is Amblers Safety, a British brand that has been established for more than three decades and which focuses solely on the design and manufacture of exceptional safety footwear.

In this edition of the Tiger Safety blog, we will be showcasing one of the brand's signature styles. As with every other product in our entire collection, this superior model of safety footwear is made available to our customers at the most competitive price — guaranteed

Amblers Berwyn Safety Boots
One of the defining features of these remarkable work boots is the incorporation of metatarsal guards, which are fabricated from PORON® XRD®. This market-leading foam was expressly designed to exploit a unique quality of polymers, namely their ability to behave as either a firm or soft material depending on temperature and the rate of any impacts. 

At standard ambient temperatures, PORON® XRD® is in its soft state; the material contours to the shape of the feet, providing superior comfort while simultaneously allowing the wearer a full range of motion. Upon impact, the foam acts in exactly the opposite manner: it instantly stiffens to create an unrivalled protective barrier which has been shown through repeated independent tests to absorb in excess of 90% of impact energy. 

In addition to PORON® XRD® metatarsal guards, Berwyn safety boots from Amblers are fitted with penetration-resistant midsoles and impact-resistant toecaps which are guaranteed to deliver protection from impact forces as high as 200 Joules. As all of these elements are fabricated entirely from composite materials, the protective footwear is completely free of metal. 

The list of protective features incorporated into Amblers Berwyn work boots does not end there. Each pair is made using full-grain leather and is fitted with DRI-BLOC® membranes, imbuing the footwear with a 100% waterproof quality while ensuring that the feet stay feeling fresh by rapidly wicking away any internal moisture. The boots are built onto dual-density PU soles that, while light in weight, are strongly resistant to potential damage caused by abrasion, oil, petrol and other chemicals. These tough, robust soles also carry an official SRC-rating, demonstration their unmatched levels of resistance to slipping. 

The protective qualities of safety boots are of course crucial but the importance of wearer comfort cannot be understated; Amblers has clearly recognised and acted upon this fact when designing and crafting Berwyn boots. Breathable mesh panels have been seamlessly integrated into the footwear, as have TTPU heel supports, deeply-padded tongues/collars and a YKK side-zip to ensure that the boots and be quickly and easily put on and removed. 

As you would expect, Berwyn work boots are CE marked and conform rigidly to every aspect of the relevant EN ISO 20345 standard. Tiger Safety supplies the footwear in a comprehensive selection of sizes from 4 right up to 14. 

Please browse the brand's dedicated section on our website to discover our complete range of Amblers safety boots.

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