General information

Trade accounts

If you are a trading business, school or NHS establishment it is possible for you to apply for a credit account with ourselves.

We will require you to complete a credit account application form which must be attained from our accounts team, once completed we will perform a credit history check on your company and decide to either accept or decline your application. You will be notified by email should your account application be successful or declined. Should your request be accepted you will also be notified of your credit limit and payment terms.

Whenever you choose to place an order on the website in future you will be presented with a choice of placing the order onto your credit account or to pay for the items with an applicable credit or debit card at the checkout stage. Please contact us at for more information. 

Volume discounts & contract pricing

At Tiger Safety we aim to bring you the best prices we possibly can and these are reflected on the website, however at times, we understand that if you are looking to purchase some items in bulk, you expect a better price than is currently shown.

Alternatively you may be looking for a long term solution to your company PPE, uniforms or safety footwear and would like some contract pricing arranging and in place for an agreed period of time.

Drop us an email at and we will have one of our sales team have a look at your requirements and set up a bespoke solution for you. 

Safety boots, helmets & VAT

Safety boots and hard hats are VAT rated 0% "Not Exempt of VAT" when purchased by an individual for industrial use.

All of these applicable products on our website have been set to 0% VAT with the target customer of our website being indvidual customers (B2C), not direct to business (B2B). Any of these applicable products must not be supplied by businesses for use by their employees at the 0% VAT rate (buying for employees requires the purchaser to pay VAT by law). Purchases by VAT registered companies for safety boots must be paid and reclaimed in the usual way. Finally these rules do not apply to safety shoes or safety trainers, these products require a 20% VAT with no exceptions.

Simply put, if you're ordering safety boots or hard hats for your own work use - you are exempt from paying VAT. If you are an employer purchasing safety boots or hard hats for your employees, then this exemption does not apply and you should pay VAT at the prevailing rate.

If you are buying safety boots or hard hats for your employees you are required by law to pay 20% VAT and reclaim it in the usual way.

If you deem your purchase should be subject to VAT but the website has the product listed at 0% VAT, please contact us at where we can arrange for the product to have the VAT added for you to make your purchase or alternativey arrange for a separate charge to be made for the required VAT.