Big Brands at Tiger Safety: Dr. Martens Footwear

Back in 1947, over seven decades ago, a doctor created a custom pair of boots for himself to protect and ease the pain of his injured foot. Little did the doctor know that he had created the very first pair of what would soon become a legendary, iconic brand of footwear...

Dr Martens

Dr. Klaus Märtens was on official leave from the German Army during the Second World War, using his precious free time to go skiing in the Alps mountains. Unfortunately for him (but fortunately for the generations of workers and style icons that would follow him!), Märtens injured his ankle while skiing. He quickly discovered that, when it came to protecting and comforting his injured foot, his army-issue boots were certainly not up to the task.

To solve his problem, the ingenious doctor acquired a few pieces of scrap leather, a task that must have caused him some difficulty during rationing. Using these scraps, he fashioned his own pair of boots, inventing in the process the air-cushioned soles that are still used in Dr. Martens footwear to this day.

So successful was this new design that he immediately saw the commercial potential. He teamed up with Hubert Funck, an old friend from university, and started producing more pairs of his newly-designed boots using scrap rubber sourced from Luftwaffe airfields. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tiger Safety is a proud supplier of Dr. Martens footwear, which is now internationally renowned for producing safety boots and shoes of flawless quality. Among the many big brand names that we supply (including Delta Plus, JCB, Himalayan, Eurotec, Tuff King and Rock Fall), Dr. Martens is one of the biggest and our customers return time after time to purchase the company's impeccable safety footwear.

We supply more than 30 different styles of Dr. Martens footwear and we invite you to browse our website to discover the complete collection. Spend over £100 on any products from Tiger Safety and receive an official Dr. Martens t-shirt and badge set absolutely FREE with our compliments!

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