CAT Boots: A Century of Protection

Established almost one hundred years ago, Caterpillar INC. has steadily been growing and evolving. Today, the brand is the largest manufacturer of a wide range of construction vehicles and equipment, all of which are prized for their impeccable quality. Caterpillar also produce an extensive range of safety footwear and work clothing, which are produced with the same dedication and attention to detail as the brand's signature construction equipment. 

Though founded in 1925, Caterpillar's roots actually extend much further back in time. The brand actually started as a merger between two other companies: C.L Best Tractors (founded in 1910) and Holt Manufacturing Company (founded in 1829). Both of these companies boasted a number of technological achievements and first worked together to design and develop tanks that were used in the First World War. 

At Tiger Safety, we proudly supply a superb collection of Cat safety footwear, along with a selection of stylish T-shirts from the renowned brand. As with every product we supply, all of our CAT safety footwear is made available to our customers at an extremely competitive price. All orders totalling £20 or more are delivered absolutely free to any UK address. 

Our collection of CAT boots includes two of the brand's bestselling models: Pelton and Parker. The Parker style utilises a traditional lace-up fastening system while the Pelton is modelled in the iconic Chelsea dealer style.

Both styles are designed to offer superlative protection even in the most demanding work environments. The boots are equipped with penetration-resistant midsoles and impact-resistant toe caps, both crafted from robust stainless steel of premium quality. Manufactured from tough full-grain leather in a smart brown colour, the boots are built on T1230 cemented soles which boast SRC rating, proving that they offer the highest levels of slip resistance.

Parker and Pelton safety boots from leading brand CAT carry the CE mark and conform rigidly to EN ISO 20345 guidelines. The footwear is fully lined to enhance comfort and is available in a full range of sizes from 6-12. Whether you work indoors or out and whatever job it is that you're doing, either of these styles will offer all of the protection you need as well as providing a smart and stylish visual aesthetic. 

Discover more details about Caterpillar Parker and Pelton boots on the Tiger Safety website, where you can also find our full range of Caterpillar boots and T-shirts.

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