Click Medical CM0377 Freeze Spray First Aid Skin Coolant Relief Aerosol 150ml

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Click Medical CM0377 Freeze Spray is a convenient spray which provides an instant cooling effect to the affected party. Can help reduce the sensation of burns, sprains, cramp and inflammation. Suitable for sports, industrial and domestic applications. The freeze spray self chills and works without prior refrigeration and can provide an instant body and face cooling spray, instant relief in hot environments such as cars, can provide temperature relief for pets and can cool hot air and surfaces. Suitable for use on adults, children and pets.

Product Features

  • CE Marked.
  • Hydrates and calms hot skin.
  • Used by sports medics for fast injury relief.
  • Simple solution for any first aid kit.
  • Ideal for use at work or at home.
  • Suitable for use with pets and children.

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