Click Medical Cut-Eeze CM0565 Haemostatic Wound Congealant Spray Aerosol 70ml

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Click Medical CM0565 Cut-Eeze Haemostatic Wound Congealant Spray is ideal for use on small cuts and grazes. Quickly stop bleeding from small cuts and grazes. The spray can either be administered directly onto the wound or applied to a bandage or dressing prior to application. Once the wound has healed all residual powder must be removed and can be dressed with a clean plaster, bandage or dressing. Ideal for use with small sports injuries. Suitable for use on children. Simple low cost supply for your first aid kit.

Product Features

  • CE Marked.
  • Quickly stops bleeding from small cuts and grazes. 
  • Suitable for use on adults and children.
  • Sold in 32.5ml aerosol sprays. Bulk buy discounts available.

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