Delta Plus Interlagos NB SNR 28dB Neck Worn Ear Defenders

Delta Plus
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Delta Plus Interlagos NB Neck Worn Ear Defenders provide SNR 28dB protection conforming to EN352-1:2002. The ear protectors feature robust ABS cups with pads filled with synthetic foam. The ear defenders are designed for wearing around the neck, they also feature a textile support strap, which can be removed and not worn as required. Ideal for use in conjunction with hard hats or other forms of head wear/ protection, allowing for both a comfortable fit of the helmet and the ear defenders. Ideal for use in all industrial applications, within factories, production areas, construction, automotive industry, etc.

Product Features

  • SNR 28 dB. H 33 M 26 L 15.
  • CE Marked.
  • Conforms to EN352-1:2002.
  • Comes with storage bag.
  • Sold individually.

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