Delta Plus Saba Clear Polycarbonate Vented Chemical Proof Safety Goggles

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Delta Plus Saba Safety Goggles are quality built safety eyewear that will keep your eyes safe whilst at the same time allow you to have clear view of your surroundings as well as the task at hand with their wide panoramic viewing lens.

The safety goggles are impact resistant at high temperatues, resistant to liquid projections, resistant to large dust particles and are also metal melding projections resistant. The lab goggles feature a flexible PVC frame, allowing you to get that perfect fit as well as providing long lasting comfort. The key feature of the Saba goggles however is the patented Rotor tightening system, which allows, with a simple twist of the wrist, you to achieve the perfect tightness and fit to your face and head. High quality safety eyewear without the high pricetag!

Product Features

  • Delta Plus Saba Clear Polyc­ar­bonate Vented Chemical Proof Safety GogglesDelta Plus Saba Clear Polyc­ar­bonate Vented Chemical Proof Safety GogglesCE Marked.
  • Conforms to EN166: 2001.
  • Clear polycarbonate lens.
  • Flexible PVC frame.
  • Panoramic wide screen with non-reflecting effect.
  • Patented Rotor tightening system, allowing for the perfect fit.
  • Tightening strap is latex free, helping prevent any alergic reactions with users. 
  • Tilting action allows better positioning and movement of face/ head.
  • Sold individually.

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