Delta Plus Safety Gloves: The Best Protection

By focusing on design innovation and the use of state-of-the-art technology, Delta Plus has grown to become one of the most highly-renowned manufacturers of PPE in the world. Tiger Safety proudly supplies 100 different products from the leading brand, including a superlative selection of safety gloves.

Our professional collection of hand protection products from Delta Plus includes:

Delta Plus White Polycotton Work Gloves with Dots

Designed to offer exceptional resistance to tearing and abrasion, these protective gloves from Delta Plus are manufactured using a strong yet super-comfortable blend of polyester and cotton. CE marked and conforming rigidly to the EN420:­­2003+­­A1:­­2009 and EN388:2016 standards, the gloves feature a pattern of PVC dots that provide exceptional slip resistance. Available in two sizes.

Delta Plus TP169 White Cotton Safety Work Gloves With PVC Dots Gripper

Delta Plus Zephir Pink Latex Rubber Gloves

Perfect for use in many different applications, especially in food preparation and production environments, Zephir gloves from Delta Plus are extremely versatile. Whether worn in wet or dry conditions, the gloves provide unmatched dexterity thanks to non-slip grip patterns on the palms and fingers as well as a thickness of less than half a millimetre. The anatomically-formed latex gloves feature a flock lining that delivers impeccable wearer comfort and helps to absorb moisture.

Delta Plus VE210 Zephir 210 Pink Household Latex Rubber Gloves

Delta Plus Canadian Rigger Gloves

Crafted with top-quality split cowhide leather, Canadian rigger gloves from Delta Plus are designed to offer optimal performance even in the most demanding industrial environments. Strong and durable, the gloves are reinforced at the index finger, thumb and palm areas. The gloves incorporate a number of practical design features including comfortable cotton linings, open cuffs and canvas backs.

Delta Plus DS202RP Grey & Blue Safety Work Canadian Rigger Gloves

Delta Plus Fur-Lined Leather Insulated Gloves

Suitable for all cold-temperature working environments, these superlative gloves are one of Tiger Safety's consistently bestselling items. The gloves are made from full-grain cowhide leather and have been lined with acrylic fur to offer superb levels of comfort and thermal protection: the lining extends to deliver extra protection to the lower arms and wrists. Strong and robust, these fantastic insulated gloves are guaranteed to provide an extensive service life with no danger of tearing or other damage.

Delta Plus FBF15 Fur Lined Leather Winter Thermal Ski Work Gloves

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