Dunlop Safety Footwear: A Leading British Brand

The Dunlop brand is associated with superlative quality all over the world. Here at Tiger Safety, we are proud to include a superb selection of Dunlop work boots and shoes which, like all of the products we supply, are guaranteed to be of exceptional quality and are made available to our customers at the most competitive price point. 

In the early 1880s, Scottish veterinary surgeon John Boyd Dunlop was spending time with his young son, watching the boy riding on a tricycle. He noticed that his son was struggling to navigate the trike over uneven terrain and decided to solve the problem. His solution was to cover the hard wheels with thin sheets of rubber glued together and then use a football pump to inflate the space in between. Little did he know at the time but Dunlop had just started a revolution by creating the world's first pneumatic tyres. 

Dunlop soon realised the commercial potential of his new invention and applied for a patent in 1888. Just one year later, he opened a factory in Dublin to produce the tyres, which were an immediate success. One of the purchasers of Dunlop's new pneumatic tyres was a cyclist who soon began to race ahead (pun intended!) of all competition, catching the attention of Harvey Du Cros, a well-heeled financier. Dunlop sold the rights to his tyre design to Du Cros soon after and, in honour of the inventor, Du Cros retained the Dunlop name. 

The business continued to grow and soon diversified, creating a range of other products using rubber. In 1927, this diversification led to the creation of the first Dunlop footwear, a style of protective boot. Today, in addition to being a leading producer of safety footwear, Dunlop also crafts products that are used across the scope of industry, from aircraft and automobiles to furniture and construction materials.­ 

A consistent bestseller from the Dunlop collection here at Tiger Safety is Purofort, a versatile and hard-wearing safety wellington boot. Lighweight and fitted with energy-absorbing heels, the boots offer exceptional comfort to the wearer. Unique Purofort technology provides reliable insulation while heavy-duty midsoles and toecaps deliver the best protection to the feet. 

A key feature of Dunlop Purofort safety wellies is their low-profile soles, which are designed to prevent clogging and make the boots much easier to keep clean. 100% waterproof and built onto SRC-rated soles, these superb safety wellington boots are rendered in a smart Black colour and are available in UK sizes from 6 to 14. 

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