Festival Workwear: Stay Safe this Summer!

Regular readers of the Tiger Safety blog will know that our current focus is on items from our comprehensive range of workwear and safety equipment that are ideal for people who will be working at summer festivals this year. If you're one of these many staff members, then we want you to be as safe and comfortable as you can be while at work, so check out these two products that will help ensure that you are exactly that. 

Delta Plus Vigo Parka
This smart and stylish parka is made almost entirely from strong and durable polyester, combined with 4% elastane to give the garment superb stretch and flexibility. Comprising a pair of laminated layers which work together to make the garment windproof and provide excellent water resistance, the Vigo parka from leading brand Delta Plus is equipped with numerous practical features such as an adjustable waistband, a padded hood, a storm flap and a super-comfortable fleece-lined collar. 

All of your essentials can be kept safe and close-to-hand thanks to four roomy pockets. The garment also comes equipped with a removable badge holder, ensuring that your crucial festival staff ID is secure and fully-visible. A complete range of sizes is available to purchase from small to XXXL.

Proforce Corded Ear Plugs
A festival wouldn't be a festival without music and the volume is always cranked up to maximum! That's fine when you're in party mood but if you're trying to work then it can be a major distraction and can even cause ear damage for staff members who are close to the giant speakers. Solve the problem at a stroke with these superlative ear plugs from Proforce, which are linked together with a strong cord so you don't lose them.

Made from the softest silicone and ergonomically designed to perfectly fit the ear canal, the ear defenders are CE marked and conform to the EN352-2 standard, offering guaranteed SNR 24dB protection. We supply Proforce corded ear plugs in cases of 25 pairs for the ultra-competitive price of just £6.24, fully inclusive of VAT.  

Whatever workwear, PPE or safety equipment you need, you'll find it here at Tiger Safety. Please browse our website to discover our complete product collection!

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