Our Comprehensive Range of Hearing Protection Devices

One of the most commonly-reported occupational hazards is that of hearing damage; millions of people around the world from all areas of industry suffer from the numerous negative effects that loud noise can cause.  

From relatively mild symptoms such as a ringing sound in the ears to extreme cases which result in a permanent loss of hearing, exposure to loud noise is such a serious risk in the workplace that there are strict laws to regulate sound levels as much as possible: where these levels cannot be reasonably brought below a certain threshold, the law requires that employees working in the vicinity utilise effective hearing protection devices.

Hearing loss is far from being simply a physical problem. Many people who have had their hearing impaired by noise or have even lost it altogether report experiencing a devastating range of negative psychological effects like depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. These feelings can be further compounded in the workplace due to difficulty communicating with other employees, resulting in reduced productivity and job satisfaction.

Employers must take steps to ensure that workers are protected. These measures are often site-specific but generally include:

  • Carrying out a rigorous and thorough risk assessment in relation to noise, identifying those areas in which workers are at risk of exposure to elevated sound levels 
  • Designing and implementing methods to reduce noise levels as much as is practically possible. Such methods can include things like installing sound barriers or researching the possibility of using quieter equipment
  • Ensuring that workers have relevant hearing protection devices and that they are trained to use them properly. Employers must also enforce the wearing of such devices

The equipment used to provide hearing protection generally falls into one of two categories: earplugs (which are worn inside the ear canal) or ear defenders/­protectors (which are worn over the ears and held in place with a headband). Which type is most suitable depends on a number of factors, such as the type of work and the level of noise: in some cases, either type is suitable and it becomes a matter of personal preference. 

Our comprehensive collection of workwear, safety equipment and PPE contains 24 different hearing protection options from leading brands like Proforce, Beeswift, Grafters and Delta Plus.

Please visit the dedicated section of our website to discover the complete range. If you have any further questions or need advice, our expert technical team can help so please do not hesitate to get in touch

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