Our Leading Collection of Eye Protection!

Our Leading Collection of Eye Protection!

Here at Tiger Safety, we supply a comprehensive range of safety footwear, clothing and PPE designed to protect you at work from top to toe. This extensive collection includes a wide variety of items specifically designed to protect the eyes, which are one of the body's most vulnerable areas. As with every other product in our vast portfolio, all of the items in our eye protection range are guaranteed to be of the very highest quality and are made available to our discerning customers at the most competitive price point.

An in-depth meta-analysis of numerous studies revealed that close to 70% of workplace injuries to the eye are sustained from falling or flying objects or sparks; almost 60% of these objects were smaller than the head of a pin and were travelling quicker than an object thrown by hand when they struck the eye. A further 20% of eye injuries at work were caused by contact with chemicals. The remaining injuries were accounted for by impacts from objects swinging from a fixed position, including tools, chains, ropes and tree limbs.

The Tiger Safety range of over 40 eye protection products includes:

Designed for use with the Delta Plus Faceshield or Visor Holder (both of which are also available to purchase from Tiger Safety), the industry-leading VISORFLASH offers the ultimate protection for welders from electric arcs and other dangerous thermal risks. The visor is crafted using strong polycarbonate and, coloured a light green, filters a massive 99.9% of UV light (A, B and C) as well as 55% of visible light. 

Carrying the trusted CE mark of quality and conforming rigidly to the GS-ET 29:2011-05, EN 170 and EN 166 standards, the lightweight VISORFLASH from Delta Plus incorporates an integral chin protector to prevent injury from upward-firing risks. The visor has been finished with anti-mist and anti-scratch treatments to ensure perfect visibility.  

Delta Plus Rimfire Polarised Safety Glasses
Who said that being safe meant compromising on style?! Delta Plus Rimfire safety glasses feature twin polarised lenses built onto tough polycarbonate frames with a smart and sporty matte-black finish. The anti-mist lenses provide the delicate eyes with UV400 protection, as well as keeping them safe from flying debris whilst at work. Each pair of Rimfire glasses is super-comfortable to wear thanks to an extremely light weight and flexi-grip nose pads. 

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