Proforce FP01 Clear Direct Vent Impact Resistant Polyc­ar­bonate Goggles

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Proforce FP01 Clear Impact Resistant Safety Goggles are a low cost solution to protecting the eyes from flying debris and liquid splashes. The safety goggles are ventilated, providing direct ventilation to the face, ensuring the goggles remain mist free and clear whilst in use. The goggles feature a flexible PVC body providing a comfortable seal whilst on the face, an impact resistant clear polyc­ar­bonate lens and an elasticated headband for fitting.

Product Features

  • Lightweight design.
  • CE Marked.
  • Conforms to EN166 1B.
  • Clear polyc­ar­bonate lens.
  • Direct ventilation. 
  • Impact resistant.
  • Sold indi­vidu­ally.

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