Respiratory Protection: Face Masks Back in Stock Soon...

The global outbreak of COVID-19 caused many problems with the supply chain, a situation made worse by the 'panic-buying' and stockpiling of key items. Under­stan­dably, masks for respiratory protection were one of the first things to become widely unavailable: Tiger Safety is pleased to announce that we will soon have a selection of face masks back in stock and available to purchase at our signature low price.

Our collection of respiratory protection masks includes:

Delta Plus Disposable Dust Masks

Carefully crafted using a non-woven synthetic fibre, Disposable Dust Masks from Delta Plus are guaranteed to filter a minimum of 94% of airborne particles. Features including an innovative moulded-cup design, wide elasticated straps, a super­la­tively-soft face join ring and a metal nose-clip work together to ensure complete comfort for the wearer. Each pack contains five disposable masks.

Delta Plus 'Jupiter' Half-Face Reusable Masks

A trio of quality materials (thermop­lastic elastomer, polyethylene HD and polyp­ro­pylene) are used in conjunction to create these robust yet comfortable masks. The respirators can be used with compatible filters and pre-filters, which are quickly and easily attached to the mask using an integral, bayonet-style fitting.

Delta Plus 'Jupiter' Replacement P2 Pre-Filters

Designed for use with the Delta Plus 'Jupiter' collection of reusable respirators, these CE-marked filters are guaranteed to provide respiratory protection at P2 levels. The replacements are sold in packs of six, each of which includes two adaptors.

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