Rock Fall 'Sapphire' Safety Boots for Ladies: Now with FREE Socks!

If you're looking for footwear, workwear, PPE and safety equipment from the world's leading brands, then you're in exactly the right place at Tiger Safety. From Cofra to Caterpillar, from Dr Martens to Delta Plus and from Samson to Stormwells, we have got them all. Another top brand of products we stock is Rock Fall.

Tiger Safety proudly supplies more than 50 items from Rock Fall, including the brand's signature range of sustainable, vegan-friendly safety boots, trainers and wellies. We also stock a selection of Rock Fall accessories, including a range of distinctive drinks bottles and the brand's signature high-performance bamboo socks. 

For a limited time, you can get your hands on (and feet in!) two pairs of these superlative socks absolutely free when you purchase a pair of Rock Fall Sapphire ladies' safety boots. Here's everything you need to know about these top-class products...

Rock Fall Sapphire Safety Boots
Looking at the classy style, the supreme comfort and the exceptional level of protection offered by these innovative work boots, it's almost impossible to believe that their laces, linings and uppers are crafted from 60% recycled plastic bottles! Each pair is fitted with impact-resistant toe caps and penetration-resistant midsoles; all of these crucial elements are manufactured from composite materials, resulting in a 100% metal-free construction. 

Comfort has been a key consideration when designing these heavy-duty work boots and, to ensure that this consideration is fully met, the designers have included a range of features such as complex rubber nitrile soles, Activ-Tex waterproof internal membranes and Active-Step anti-fatigue insoles. The top-of-the-range Sapphire safety boots are available in sizes from 3 to 8. 

Rock Fall Bamboo Socks
A unique, perfectly-balanced blend of bamboo, cotton, polyester and elastane has been used to create Rock Fall's eco-friendly socks, imbuing them with a comprehensive array of salient qualities. Each pair delivers exceptional resistance to abrasion that far exceeds current industry-standards, making them absolutely ideal for wear in conjunction with safety boots. 

Once again, comfort is key in the design process and the socks combine natural antibacterial properties with moisture-wicking technology, ensuring that the wearer's feet stay cool, dry, fresh and hygienic for extended periods of time. Available in sizes from 3 to 8, the socks are packaged with no use of plastics whatsoever. Don't forget that you will receive two pairs of Rock Fall bamboo socks FREE with each purchase of a pair of Sapphire safety boots! 

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