Safety Boots & Shoes from Tuffking

Established back in 1854, Giffard Newton & Sons has been designing, developing and producing safety footwear for almost 170 years. The experience and expertise of generations continues to be built upon, with the company combining age-old production techniques with the latest technological developments and premium-quality materials to produce safety footwear that is relied upon by professionals all over the world. 

Giffard Newton & Sons began by producing safety footwear for key workers such as police officers and farm workers. When the First World War began, they started producing high-quality footwear for fighting soldiers and this was repeated during the Second World War. Today, footwear produced by Giffard Newton & Sons is worn by workers across the spectrum of industry, wherever reliable safety and protection is required. 

Each pair of safety shoes and boots from Giffard Newton & Sons is carefully crafted not only to meet but to exceed expectations. It is significant that the company maintains a return rate of less than 1%, representing one of the very highest satisfaction rates in the safety footwear industry. 

Giffard Newton & Sons have created a number of different brands, one of which is Tuffking. Tiger Safety is a proud supplier of a selection of safety footwear from the Tuffking brand, including:

Tuffking Knox Waterproof Boots
Constructed entirely without the use of metal, Knox safety boots from leading brand Tuffking incorporate crushproof, shock-resistant composite toe caps and flexible, penetration-resistant midsoles made from genuine Kevlar®. This metal-free construction makes the boots ideal for those who work in environments which contain metal detectors and scanners like airports, warehouses and hospitals. 

Ideal for wear when working in wet conditions, these superlative safety boots are made using high-quality leather which has been treated to deliver improved water resistance; these qualities are further enhanced with the addition of breathable, waterproof membranes created with the use of TUFF-DRY technology. The black work boots are fitted with YKK side zips, making them supremely easy to put on and remove as required. 

Each pair are built on specialist PU dual-density outsoles, designed to provide heat resistance up to a scorching 300°C. The soles also boast an SRC-rating, proving that they deliver exceptional resistance against slippage. On the inside, the boots feature XTRA-LITE anti-fatigue footbeds, ensuring that the wearer stays comfortable even after extended periods of time spent walking and standing.

Knox work boots are just one of eleven different styles of Tuffking footwear available from Tiger Safety. Please browse our website to discover the full collection and don't forget that delivery is absolutely free with all orders of £20 or more!

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