Safety Footwear from Anvil Traction: The Superlative Standard

Tiger Safety is renowned for supplying an exceptional range of safety footwear and workwear that has been designed and developed by some of the leading brands on the market today. One of these many big–name brands is Anvil Traction, which is the subject of this edition of our weekly blog.

Anvil Traction is a signature brand of the Tripal Group, which produces an extensive range of high quality items serving an equally extensive array of industries from healthcare and transportation to retail and security. With a strong focus on sustainability, the group operates all over the world from the UK to New Zealand and everywhere in between.

A massive 33% of workplace accidents (many of which result in broken bones or even more serious injuries) in the UK are caused by slips, trips and falls, with the average number of incidents hitting close to 50 every single day; this figure is proportionately high in most other countries as well. Anvil Traction was established back in 2007 with the aim of reducing these startling figures. 

Anvil Traction invest heavily in research and development in order to ensure that the products they design and engineer are continuously at the cutting edge. One of the most groundbreaking results of this investment is the brand's patented AT-GRIP™ outsole technology, which was achieved in a collaborative project with experts from the University of Sheffield. 

AT-GRIP™ outsoles are rightly described as 'the best slip-resistant outsole on the market' and have reduced the number of slip accidents in some workplaces by as much as 80%. Independent tests have proved that they exceed the minimum industry standards by a massive 364%. In addition, the AT-GRIP™ outsole carries the maximum HSE (Health & Safety Executive) rating of five stars.

At the top of our range of Anvil Traction safety footwear are the brand's Sheffield model, which are crafted using nubuck leather of premium quality. Built onto signature, anti static and oil resistant outsoles which are SRC rated, these smart honey coloured work boots are fitted with steel midsoles and toe caps to provide the most robust protection.

CE marked and conforming to every aspect of the EN ISO 20345 standard, Anvil Traction Sheffield work boots are exceptionally comfortable to wear thanks to their wide fit, padded heels, internal footbeds and integral arch support. A full range of sizes is available from 4 to 13.

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