Top-Quality Workwear: Keeping you Warm Throughout Every Storm!

Those who work outdoors are often involved in things like construction, carrying out tasks which require laser-sharp focus and concentration to ensure that safety is maintained. One thing that can be incredibly distracting is when you feel cold and so it is absolutely essential to have the right gear to keep you warm and safe.

At Tiger Safety, we have got all of that gear in stock. Everything is of premium quality, available for speedy delivery and at the lowest price you'll find anywhere thanks to our price guarantee. Three out of three ain't bad! Check out this edition of our blog to discover some of our winter warmers...

Amblers Thermal Safety Rigger Boots
Amblers is one of the UK's leading brands of safety footwear, having been established for more than three decades. In addition to tough PVC rubber/nitrile uppers, steel toecaps/­midsoles and SRC-rated outsoles, these superlative safety rigger boots are fitted with thermal linings to ensure your feet never feel that winter chill. The linings are so effective that they have been demonstrated to provide thermal insulation in ambient temperatures as low as minus 20°C! Available in a full range of sizes from 3 to 12. 

JCB Thermasocks
No matter how good your boots are, they won't perform to their full potential unless you're wearing decent socks underneath. Thermasocks, designed by the world famous JCB brand, are crafted using patented Reactive Yarn; though much lighter and more breathable than polyester, this specialist fabric is in fact a full four times warmer than standard cotton work socks and is even warmer than wool! In addition to providing these unmatched levels thermal protection, Reactive Yarn also delivers numerous other benefits, such as its anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties. 

Delta Plus Insulated Gloves
We move now to the hands, which feel the cold even more than the feet. Even worse than the unpleasant sensation, hands that are chilled cannot function efficiently which can make working dangerous. Protect your most vital tools with these excellent thermal gloves from Delta Plus which combine full-grain cowhide leather with a cosy acrylic fur lining to deliver the ultimate warmth, not to mention comfort. These gloves also carry the trusted CE Mark of quality and are available in sizes from medium to XXL.

Please browse our website to discover many more items of workwear that are guaranteed to help you combat the cold. Don't forget that all orders totalling £20.00 or more will be delivered to any UK address absolutely free of charge with compliments of Tiger Safety.

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