Wellington Boots: Defeat the Mud this Festival Season!

After plodding stoically through a long and miserable winter, it's time to start looking forward to the delights of spring and summer. Thousands of people are already planning to attend the many festivals that will soon be taking place across the UK and that involves making sure you have all the right gear. One thing that everybody needs at a festival, including those who will be working, is a decent pair of wellies and we have got loads of options available here at Tiger Safety. 

Whatever your tastes in music may be, there is a festival to suit you. In addition to many smaller local events, there are the big names that everybody knows and loves such as Glastonbury, Latitude, Parklife, Wireless, Creamfields, Reading and Wychwood. Though all of these events are very different, they all have one element in common and that element is MUD!

Primarily taking place outdoors and often in fields, festivals are notorious for the presence of mud, which is created by the combination of the UK's ever-present wet weather and the massive numbers of people walking (not to mention dancing!) on the ground. As well as making a mess of your clothes, the mud can also present a more serious danger by dramatically increasing the potential for slipping. A good pair of wellington boots is the only solution. 

LJ&R Woodstock Wellington Boots
Named after one of the world's most famous festivals, Woodstock wellies from leading brand LJ&R combine the protection you need with a gorgeous, eye-catching colour and design. The waterproof boots, which are made using robust bi-injection PVC, are lined throughout with the softest cotton and incorporate shock-absorbing heels to keep your feet feeling comfortable no matter how long you're dancing on them!

Rendered in an attractive teal colour and emblazoned with a love-heart print, these unique wellies are fitted with buckle-fastened gussets to ensure a perfect fit. The PVC rubber soles are deeply cleated, giving you maximum grip and slip-resistance on even the muddiest ground. 

Rock Fall Excavate Safety Wellington Boots
If you're working at a festival then you need the highest quality wellies and Excavate safety boots from Rock Fall are guaranteed to provide it. Featuring protective toecaps and midsoles made from vegan-friendly composite materials, the wellies are fitted with 100% waterproof membranes and are built onto SRC slip-rated soles. Fully insulated and incorporating Activ-Step comfort footbeds, these smart black safety wellies are the ideal choice for festival staff. 

There are over 80 different styles of wellington boots available at Tiger Safety so please browse our website to find your perfect pair. To receive all the latest news, updates and special offers from us, please subscribe to our regular email newsletter.

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