Working at Height: The Importance of Fall Protection

Working at Height: The Importance of Fall Protection

The recent tragic death of TV personality George Gilbey, who suffered fatal injuries after falling from a height while at work, has highlighted the vital importance of providing workers with the right protection. Falling from a height remains the leading cause of fatal accidents at work; what makes these deaths even more tragic is that many of them could have been prevented.

Working at height is inherently dangerous and a number of factors can increase this danger, such as: 

  • Improper Training & Supervision. All employers of people working at height should provide such workers with the correct training and supervision but this is sadly not always the case. Where employers do not provide training and supervision to adequate levels, workers are more vulnerable to falling from a height in the course of their duties.
  • Exposed Areas. Edges and openings should be fitted with protective elements such as safety nets, guardrails and barriers. A lack of such protection increases the danger of falling.
  • Environment. Strong winds can unbalance workers at height, while rain can cause surfaces to become dangerously slippery. Debris is another concern if the working area is not kept scrupulously clean and tidy.
  • Defective Equipment. Fall risk increases when site equipment, such as ladders and scaffolding is not kept in good condition and repaired or replaced where necessary.   

All of the items that comprise the Tiger Safety range of fall arrest protection products are designed and manufactured by leading brand Delta Plus. Sitting comfortably at the top of this superlative collection is the Delta Plus Froment scaffolder's fall arrest kit.

This exceptional fall protection kit is not only ideal for scaffolders but also for anyone working at height who requires full freedom of movement horizontally. Supplied ready to use in a convenient storage bag, the kit centres on a body harness equipped with a pair of secure anchorage points located on the back and front. Two side plates and two loops can be fully adjusted to exactly suit the individual requirements of each wearer.

Also included in this comprehensive kit is a 'No Shock' fall arrest energy absorber with a generous length of two metres. This item features a lanyard strap that is fitted with a zinc-coated steel karabiner along with a steel snap hook that securely fastens to scaffolding. All of the items that comprise this superlative kit are CE marked and conform rigidly to the relevant EN354, EN362 and EN361 standards.  

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