Click Medical: First Aid for Festivals!

Several of our blog articles over the past few weeks have been focused on safety footwear and clothing designed to keep festival-goers and staff safe while attending these summer events. In spite of the best intentions and all possible precautions being taken, accidents can still happen and that's why it's a great idea to pack a handy selection of first-aid products as part of your festival kit.

Here at Tiger Safety, we are proud to supply a range of such products from leading brand Click Medical. In common with all of the products we supply, Click Medical first-aid supplies from Tiger Safety are guaranteed to be of the highest possible quality and made available to our customers at the most competitive price around. 

Beeswift is a leading UK manufacturer of a wide and diverse range of products, including janitorial supplies and PPE along with a comprehensive array of medical equipment. Click Medical is one of Beeswift's signature brands, relied upon by thousands to produce superlative first-aid products, each of which carries the globally-renowned CE mark of superior quality. The brand's leading selection of first-supplies start from a super-low cost of just £2.83 including VAT, giving you more precious funds to spend on having fun at your summer festival.

The Click Medical selection from Tiger Safety includes:

Freeze Spray
When sprayed directly onto burns or sprains, Freeze Spray is designed to deliver an immediate sensation of cooling, providing relief from pain while also reducing the occurrence of associated inflammation. The unique formula, which is self-chilling and so does not require any refrigeration, is exceptionally gentle and so is safe to use on children or even on pets. As well as being used to relieve pain and inflammation, Freeze Spray is also ideal to cool down the body and face if the weather gets too hot. Freeze Spray is available in aerosol cans of either 150ml or 400ml

Spray Wound Cleanser
Though cuts and grazes are obviously painful, a bigger danger is the risk of infection as germs and bacteria can enter through the broken skin. As the name suggests, Spray Wound Cleanser is used to make sure that any wound is completely cleaned before the application of dressings. The alcohol-based formula comes in a convenient and cost-effective 70ml can.

Spray Plaster
Spray Plaster from Click Medical is a modern alternative to traditional fabric plasters which, although they have their benefits, can sometimes be awkward to apply and can come loose when used on the body's moving parts. Sprayed directly onto small cuts, the innovative formula immediately dries, forming a soft, flexible and breathable transparent film that delivers the same protection as a fabric plaster. When no longer required, the film can be easily washed off using water and soap.

Please browse the Tiger Safety website to discover our complete collection of Click Medical products.

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