Delta Plus Workwear & PPE: Three of the Best

Established more than four decades ago, Delta Plus has grown to become one of the world's largest and most highly-renowned designers and manufacturers of workwear and PPE. Tiger Safety is a proud supplier of the brand's superlative collection and we currently stock over 150 different items: this edition of our blog showcases three of the best.

 Delta Plus Manhattan Safety Boots
Rendered in a smart black colour with eye-catching yellow accents, Manhattan safety boots from Delta Plus are as stylish as they are practical. Taking design cues from running trainers, the boots boast a 100% metal-free construction, utilising composite material to create the protective toecaps. These superb work boots benefit from super-flexible insoles designed to prevent penetration by sharp objects while additional ankle support ensures the best stability for the wearer when walking. Available in UK sizes from 6-12, Manhattan safety boots are built onto tough, ultra-durable and SRC-rated soles. 

 Delta Plus Forestier 3 Chainsaw Safety Kit
This comprehensive kit comprises three distinct elements: a mesh faceguard visor, integrated ear defenders and an HDPE helmet crafted from strong, UV-resistant HDPE. The visor is securely attached to the helmet with a Delta Plus VISOR HOLDER headstrap which, incorporating a browguard, allows it to be adjusted to exactly suit the wearer comfortably. When not required, the visor can be lifted easily. 

Chainsaws and similar machinery are notoriously loud and can damage the hearing. The problem is immediately and conclusively solved with the attached Suzuka ear defenders which are expertly engineered to ensure that they provide reliable SNR 27dB protection. The Forestier Chainsaw Safety Kit from leading brand Delta Plus is supplied in a convenient bag for ease of storage and transportation. 

Delta Plus Saba Safety Goggles
Safety goggles must fulfill the dual role of protecting the eyes and providing unrestricted vision; Saba safety goggles from Delta Plus meet both of these crucial requirements. Each pair incorporates a panoramic viewing lens made from polycarbonate material, ensuring that the view provided is as clear as it is wide. The googles are strongly resistant to all manner of hazards, including liquid projections, dust particles and high-temperature impacts.

 Adjustment of the goggles to perfectly fit is a matter of swift simplicity thanks to the patented Rotor Tightening System while accurate positioning is guaranteed with the assistance of tilting action. The flexible PVC frame, along with a latex-free tightening strap, further enhances the superior comfort level of these equally-superior safety goggles. 

Discover our complete selection of Delta Plus workwear and safety equipment on the Tiger Safety website.

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