Festival Season: First Aid from Click Medical

Festival Season: First Aid from Click Medical

Whether you are working at a festival or simply enjoying the party, accidents can happen even when all precautions have been taken. To make sure you are fully prepared to deal with any such mishaps, a selection of first aid products should be a key part of every festival-goers kit. Here at Tiger Safety, we are proud suppliers of a range of items from Click Medical, a signature brand of leading, UK-based manufacturer Beeswift. 

Beeswift is a highly-renowned manufacturer of a wide and diverse product range, including PPE and janitorial suppliers. The company's Click Medical brand comprises a selection of convenient, reliable first aid products, the quality of which has earned each of these products the trusted CE mark. Our collection of Click Medical products starts from the low price of just £2.83 so you can enjoy peace of mind as well as have extra money to spend on other festival essentials. It's the proverbial win-win situation!

At Tiger Safety, our Click Medical collection includes:

Spray Wound Cleanser
Cuts and grazes can be painful but this is less important than the risk of infection from bacteria and germs entering the body through broken skin. Any such injury should therefore be immediately and thoroughly cleaned before any dressings are applied. The quickest, easiest and most effective way to do this is to apply alcohol-based Spray Wound Cleanser from Click Medical, which is supplied in a conveniently-sized 70ml aerosol can. 

Spray Plaster
Say goodbye to standard fabric plasters with this modern alternative! Fiddly, difficult to apply, often unreliable and totally unsuitable for use on the moving parts of the body, fabric plasters have many drawbacks but all of these are effortlessly overcome with Spray Plaster from Click Medical. The formula is simply sprayed onto small cuts and grazes from the handy aerosol can, drying instantly to create a breathable, flexible film that protects the damaged skin. Removing the film is just as easy as it washes off with soap and water. 

Freeze Spray
Freeze Spray is designed to treat sprains and burns, instantly cooling the skin to relieve pain while reducing any inflammation. The unique, self-chilling formula is especially gentle, making it safe to use on children and those with sensitive skin. Available in 150ml or 400ml cans, Freeze Spray from Click Medical has an added bonus in that it can be used simply to cool down when sprayed onto the face or body; perfect for when the sun is blazing at your favourite festival!

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