Safety Boots & Trainers: The Himalayan #GOWork Collection

Tiger Safety is proud to supply a collection of safety boots and trainers from top brand Himalayan. The collection includes several styles from the brand's bestselling #GOWork range, including Bounce Safety Trainers: here we look in more detail at this remarkable footwear.

A significant proportion of safety footwear features metal toecaps but Himalayan #GOWork Bounce Safety Trainers are diiferent: instead of metal, the toecaps of these excellent trainers is made from shock-resistant, crush-proof fibreglass. The trainers also feature a lightweight, flexible and penetration-resistant composite midsole.

Knitted fabric material, both lightweight and durable, is used to create the uppers of Himalayan #GOWork Bounce Safety Trainers, adding to the comfort, style and performance of the footwear. On the bottom is an SRC-rated slip-resistant sole, offering the best level of slip resistance available on today's market.

The name of these Himalayan #GOWork safety trainers comes from the Bounce technology that they incorporate, which literally gives the wearer a spring in the step. Resistant to oil, static and heat, the hardwearing shoes are perfect for all kinds of manual workers, from plumbers and joiners to carpenters, warehouse staff and many more.

As stylish as they are practical, Himalayan #GOWork Bounce Safety Trainers are available in a choice of five colour options: Black, Blue, Yellow, Red or Lime Green. Their footwear is available in a massive range of sizes from 3 right up to 12, meaning that they can be worn by men or women.

Check out the full range of Himalayan safety boots and trainers on the Tiger Safety website!

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