Stay Safe on the Farm this Summer!

Life on a farm is a busy affair and there is always plenty of work to be done. However, it is during the months of June and July that things really start to kick into high gear, as farmers begin preparing for the upcoming harvest. Here at Tiger Safety, we have a comprehensive array of workwear and safety equipment in stock that is ideal for those working in the agricultural sector, offering all of the protection required at a competitive and cost-effective price point. 

On livestock farms, June's primary focus is on sheep-shearing. In addition to removing fleeces, farmers also ensure the sheep are healthy with dipping and foot-bathing. It's a busy time on crop farms too as June is when farmers begin the laborious but crucial process of haymaking, ensuring a plentiful supply of feed for their livestock over the coming winter.

Many livestock auctions take place in July, with a particular focus on the sale of new lambs born in the spring. On arable farms, haymaking and silaging continues. July also marks the beginning of the combine season for crucial cereal crops like maize and barley.

Our collection of agricultural workwear and safety equipment includes:

Dunlop Acifort Agricultural Wellies
Designed to provide excellent performance in heavy-duty agricultural environments, these superior wellies are part of the signature Acifort collection from the globally-renowned Dunlop brand. Each pair is built onto PVC/nitrile soles which incorporate extra-traction cleats to deliver the best grip and slip resistance, earning the boots an SRA rating. Other key features of waterproof, CE-marked Dunlop Acifort agricultural wellies include chemica-resistant uppers, energy-absorbing heels and extra ankle support. Available from Tiger Safety in sizes from 6.5 to 14.

Delta Plus Interlagos NB Ear Defenders
Many items of farm machinery and equipment can be extremely noisy and it is crucial to ensure that workers are protected from damage to their hearing. Sitting right at the top of our extensive range of hearing protection products are Interlagos NB ear defenders from leading brand Delta Plus. Engineered to reliably deliver SNR 28dB protection and thus conforming rigidly with the EN352-1:2002 standard, the ear protectors comprise ABS cups with soft, comfortable pads. A strong textile support strap allows the ear defenders to be worn conveniently around the neck and each purchase is supplied complete with a handy storage bag.  

Mucking-Out Spade
Though certainly not the most glamorous part of farm life, mucking out is nevertheless crucial! Make the job easy with this superior spade, which comprises a large, tough plastic scooper attached to a 1.2m handle made from the finest timber. The head of the scooper showcases an innovative ridged design, helping to prevent anything from sticking to it. When winter comes around, the spade doubles as an effective snow shovel. This item is currently available in our 'Clearance' section and its price has been dramatically reduced to just £10.99 including VAT.

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